Head of Specialization Program: Dr. Geffen Kleinstern 

What is community health?

Community health deals with all preventive health services provided at the level of the community. In Israel, these services are largely the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, through the district health offices, supported by the HMO's. These include maternal and child health services, disease surveillance, supervision of hospitals, sanitation, supervision of food and water supplies, and health promotion programs.

Aims of the teaching program

The program is geared at providing students with an understanding of public health policy, both local and global, immunization/vaccination policy, monitoring diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis and STDs, maternal-child health, social health, evaluation of health services, community genetics and legal aspects of public health.


The overall goal of the research program is to study ways in which community health services can be improved. Research projects include evaluation of health services, compliance with immunization, inequalities in health services, etc.

Faculty members

The faculty members are drawn from senior members of the public health services, clinicians, public health nurses, etc.