Head of Department: Dr. Roni Elran-Barak

What is nutrition and behavior?

Balanced nutrition is clearly essential for the prevention and treatment of disease. Nutritional therapy must take into account personality, family, behavioral and socio- cultural aspects. The department focuses on the behavioral aspect of nutrition and on its role in the etiology, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Teaching program

The department provides the students vast knowledge needed for designing, applying and evaluating interventions in the community and in health services. The main goals of the program are understanding nutritional behavior in sickness and health throughout the lifespan, focusing on chronic diseases and special populations like eating disorders , providing research tools and guidance.

The program contains three different courses' collections: obligatory courses which are basic courses designated to all the school departments, obligatory courses which are designated to nutrition and behavior department only and optional courses (courses of choice) which are tailored/adapted to the interests of the nutrition and behavior's students. There are two tracks to choose from: the thesis track or the no thesis track. The program is designated to students with nutrition degree. The graduates will get Master in Applied Nutrition (MAN).


Research projects focus on behavioral aspects of nutrition with particular emphasis on eating disorders, disordered eating and obesity

Faculty members

The staff comes from various disciplines such as social science, behavioral science and nutritional science.