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Baron-Epel, O., Endevelt, R.,Hatib, M. & Harel-Fish, Y.

Educating for a healthy lifestyle in schools.

Ministry of Education.

Baron-Epel, O., Plaute, P., & Endevelt, R.

Inequalities in health promoting environments: physical activity and diet.

ISF -Israel Science Foundation workshop.

Gal, I., &Endevelt, R.

Mathematic literacy in diabetes patients.

Maccabi Health Medical services.

Baron-Epel, O., & Rishpon, S.

Barriers and enhancing factors effecting decisions of parents to vaccinate their children in Tel Aviv and in district of Haifa.

National Institute for Health Policy.

Baron-Epel, O., Tesler, R., & Bord, S.

Evaluation of Reach out and Read- reading for infants

Maccabi Healthcare Services.

Baron-Epel, O., Tesler, R., & Bord, S.

Evaluation of a workplace intervention to decrease alcohol and drug abuse.

Drug and Alcohol National Authority.

Baron-Epel, O., Zur, S., & Elias, W.

Participatory research and intervention to reduce roadaccidents in Arab towns.

Ran Naor Foundation.

Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Farah, H., Lotan, T., Grimberg, E.

Arab Teens, What They Say, How They Behave, And How it is Possible to Improve Their Relation to Road Safety?

Israel Insurance Association - Research Grants on Insurance Matters.

Green, M.S., Gesser-Edelsburg, A., Baron-Epel, O.

ASSET: Action Plan on Science in Society in Epidemics and Total Pandemics.

European Commission - FP7-Science in Society.

Carel, RS.,& Portnov, B.

Air pollution effect on the population health in the Bay area.

Haifa District Municipal Association for Environmental Protection.

Negev, M., & Davidovitch, N.

Health Aspects in the National Ecosystem Services Assessment.

HaMaarag, under the auspices of the Israeli Academy of Sciences.

Sznitman, S., Oshry, A., & Bord, S. 

Examining individual differences in drinking motives and drinking patterns among Arab and Jewish young adults in Israel.

Pfizer Public Health Policy Forum.

Sznitman, S., & Vulfsons, S.

A Cross Sectional study of Factors Influencing Physicians’ Intention to Recommend Medical Cannabis (MC) to Patients in Israel.

Israeli National Institute for Health Policy Research.

Sznitman, S. & Engel-Yeger, B. 

Adolescent substance use –personality and participation in daily life activities.

Israeli Anti Drug-Authorathy.