Head of Specialization Program: Prof. Sharon Sznitman

Background and aims of the teaching program

Mental health presents various challenges for public health professionals including stigma, recognizing risk factors, increasing awareness about mental disorders and related treatment, eradicating mental health disparities, and improving access to mental health services, especially for populations that are disproportionately affected.

The public mental health system in Israel is in the midst of a transformative change. In collaboration with the Department of Community Mental Health, the School of Public Health hascreated a study program (Sefach) through which MPH students will specialize in community mental health. The study program aim to train and cultivate public health professionals who understand the theory and practice of public health and are dedicated to applying this knowledge to deal with current and emerging mental health issues. The MPH specialization in mental health is designed to address the important transformations taking place within the public mental health sector in Israel. Graduates will be prepared to navigate the intersections of research, practice, administration and policy development in a world with enormous mental health challenges. The program is especially suited for students who wish to work in the public mental health system and in community organizations. We welcome you to become part of the next generation of public health professionals trained and ready for current and future mental health system transformations.


In addition to courses at the school of public health, students will take 6 mandatory credits in the Department of Community Mental Health (introduction to psychiatric rehabilitation, introduction to community mental health and psychopathology) and 10 elective credits in the Department of Community Mental Health.

Faculty members

The faculty members generally come from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social and behavioral medicine, epidemiology, health management, and human resources.